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The Italian Job


Studio: Paramount Pictures

Employer Black Box Digital
Role Lead Designer
Designed and/or animated most of the UI for Black Box DIgital. All work was completed during post-production.

3d elements were provided, then distorted and colored using After Effects. Graphics created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

“Napster” Interface Design and Animation

This interface was used by the hacker character “Napster” to illustrate the location of a safe inside of a home in Venice, Italy. In order to suggest the use of Lidar technology in scanning the house, we created a 3D version of the home and applied a dot texture. I then imported the render in After Effects and applied coloring, layer modes, effects,  and adjusted the layer opacities in order to achieve the proper look.

3d Elements provide by Paul Luna

Mini Cooper Animation

Traffic System Hack

Weighing the Brinks Truck