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The Master of Disguise Title Sequence


Studio Columbia Picture

Director Perry Blake

The children’s movie followed the adventures of Pistacho Disguisey, played by Dana Carvey, as he struggles to live up to his family’s long-standing tradition as history’s greatest Masters of Disguise.

Fun Fact: This film has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 01%

Employer Black Box Digital
Role Illustrator
We were asked to create the title sequence for the film, and I came up with the concept of using a children’s flip book to swap out a heads, torsos,and legs, and use that as a way to swap out the film credits. I also drew  all of the book illustrations and colored them in Adobe photoshop.

The book was created in 3d by a Houdini artist, who then composited my illustrations on the pages. Unfortunately, he made the gaps between the 3 sections wider than we expected and it was too late to have him fix it. 

Graphite pencil and Photoshop