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Employer Microsoft Office, Envision, and Hololens Teams

Feeling burnt out from the long hours of the film industry, I decided to accept a staff job at Microsoft in Seattle. While it was a step backwards for me both professionally and creatively, I felt that working normal hours and taking myself out of a leadership position would provide me with the opportunity to improve my work/life balance and focus on my health.
Role Designer and Motion Artist
I spent most of my time as a motion artist, however I also created concept images, storyboards, and user interface designs.  I was limited by my inexperience with 3d, so I spent most of my time creating 2d designs and motion studies. 

Concept Illustration for Hololens Introductory Presentation 


NFL Hololens Graphics Concept


Twitter Redesign

These are some concepts I created for a Twitter redesign for the Microsoft Surface.

Thyssen Krupp Hololens Project

I designed the interface for the HXT collaboration with Thyssen Krupp- maker of stair lifts. I pitched a 3d “dollhouse” concept for the instructional setup interface, which we ended up using. The 3d stairs were provided by a staff 3d artist.

Holo-Pendence Day Game Graphics

I created some setup graphics for the game.

Project Corinth

HXT worked on a weather app that uses augmented reality to allow users to observe weather patterns in 3d and extrapolate data.  I worked on the user interface, creating multiple concepts in both 2d and 3d. I then comped my 3d versions onto existing concept images created by another artist. 

More Icons

Avatar Concepts

Project Vantage 

Motion Design for Office

Various motion design concepts I animated for the Office team.