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Atari VCS  User Interface Design Pitch


Client Atari
Employer Blink UX 

Role Motion Designer, Interface Designer
I was hired by Blink to help conceptualize and animate a user interface for the upcoming Atari VCS game console.  I pitched a 3d “dollhouse” design for the inteface, which they chose to develop and eventually animate. I created two looks for the interface, and animated the final design that was pitched by the team. 

Adobe After Effects

User Interface Design

Concept  1

Concept 2

Detail Page Design

I created the detail page concept using existing art and photoshop.

Motion Design

Title  Animation Concepts
I came up with this concept for an Atari Logo animation. I created versions using two different games: Pong and Joust. The Joust version was chosen and developed further for the final pitch. 

Final Animated Pitch
For the final pitch, the team chose a different look for the dollhouses, and provided music that I added for the final render.